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Founded in 2019 by Vimal Suchak, AboveSkill has come a long with from its inception in Mumbai, India. When Vimal first started out, his passion was strongly focused on bringing about solution for students and individuals through innovative workshops based on 21st Century Skill sets.

AboveSkill is a unique, one of its kind workshop platform, enabling and enhancing learners with essential life skills. The results are a happy learning community, ready to break the challenges of life and soar to great heights.

We hope you enjoy our workshops as much as we enjoy conceptualising them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.


To provide excellent foundation skills to million of learners so that they succeed in whatever they do.


Envisioning confident learners with talents and skills to take on the surprises and challenges of life with a positive attitude.


To become good human beings, people of strong character, who are ready to contribute their best to the global society and make it a better place.

Our Process


We approach Schools/Corporate with our workshop and modules on educative skill sets. With our questionnaire based Pre-Assessment we identify the programs needed for students/professionals and provide suitable solutions which create a lasting effect.

Our educators rightly think and believe that deep and effective learning happens when students are being active-creating, discussing, reflecting rather than simply memorising and repeating. True learning requires motivation and willingness to learn rather than being forced to study and we at AboveSkill do our best to make our workshops a fun, empowering and social student experience.

Educators are supported by a community of AboveSkill mentors and are given feedback and support to ensure the best possible experience for students and professionals.

It has a deep-rooted and strong impact on students. As studies and research data indicate higher engagement levels lead to better productivity, motivation and overall happier students.
At this final stage, Learners become self-confident, it has positive influence on their overall persona and are endowed with a winner’s attitude in life.

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