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Emotional Intelligence

Coaching for Emotional Intelligence

An individual today, plays many roles and to fulfill each one successfully he/ she requires mainly 3 kinds of skills- technical, functional and behavioural. Good behavioral skills enable a person to be and work well by himself or along with people in various settings to achieve the desired goals and outcomes. Our behaviours are a direct result of our emotions hence along with IQ (Intelligence Quotient) what one requires is high EQ (Emotional Quotient). It is EQ that determines a person’s ability to deal with difficult people and situations and achieve results despite the odds. In fact it is the primary determinant of success today.

What is Emotional intelligence and why is it important?

The term Emotional Intelligence (EI) was popularised by Daniel Goleman through his book with the same title. In this book Daniel Goleman talks about the importance of having high EQ compared to IQ for achieving overall well-being and success in life.