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Discover your child’s hidden talents

The skill sets in small children form a very important base for their development in later life. They are as crucial as alphabets and numbers in academics.

Core Skills

Attention Span

AboveSkill aids in :

  • Increasing and improving attention span in children.
  • Inculcating love for learning
  • Retaining and sustaining information

Early Math Skills

We at AboveSkill believe in :

  • Clear understanding of numbers, shapes, size and patterns
  • Inculcating love for mathematics concepts

Communication Skills

Our Programmes help :

  • In acquiring verbal and nonverbal skills
  • In being able to express feelings, needs and desires


These Workshops Enables :

  • Increased free flow of un adulterated ideas with right guidance.
  • Enhancement of imagination.

Upgrade Skills

Listening Skills

AboveSkill Workshops encourages children :

  • To become good listeners
  • Easily comprehend instructions and explanations

Early Writing Skills

With AboveSkill Training children :

  • Get a good grasp of writing tools
  • Develop and enhance fine motor skills

Early Reading Skills

Here at AboveSkill :

  • Recognition and understanding of words leads to reading readiness
  • Exploring the world of sounds motivates children to read

Social Skills

At AboveSkill They Are Taught :

  • To learn and value friendship and people.
  • To live in peace and harmony.

Fine Motor Skills

With AboveSkill Workshops Children learn :

  • To coordinate fine muscles of fingers, wrist, toes to name a few.
  • To learn art and craft with fun activities.

Self-help Skills

At AboveSkill Children :

  • Realise self-worth
  • Become confident
  • Learn to be independent.

Yoga asans

The Mentors At AboveSkill Stress On :

  • Holistic development of children.
  • Balancing all aspects of life – physical, mental, emotional.