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Acquire more complex skill and sharpen your mind

School goers require different types of skills. At this stage they get to know about their strengths and weaknesses and work on it accordingly.

Core Skills

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving


  • Ignites minds to think out of box
  • Enables learners to approach problems from all angles
  • Helps them assess problems and derive at positive solutions
  • Encourages them to think on their feet

Analytical Reasoning

At AboveSkill workshops learners are :

  • Observing minutely, analyzing data and deriving at logical conclusions.
  • Using logic and reasoning to deal with arguments and not taking things at face value.

Creativity and Imagination

AboveSkill Workshops Forms The :

  • The basis for the artistic expression of self
  • Foundation for greater thinking
  • Vehicle to fuel the imagination
  • Source to generate and implement ideas

Stress Management

AboveSkill Workshops :

  • Helps you to be more focus
  • Source to generate and implement ideas
  • Organise your academic life

Upgrade Skills

The Gift of Communication

Students At Our Workshops Learn:

  • The importance of voice as a medium of expression
  • Dynamic body language
  • Effective communication
  • To connect with each other easily and comfortably


AboveSkill Strongly Believes That:

  • Compassion Is the quality of the brave hearts
  • Helps in discovering your sympathetic streak
  • Compassion should be at the root of all healthy relationships
  • Encourages you to understand others perspective

Personal Skills

The Teachers At AboveSkill Helps You :

  • To know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Enhance and improve them
  • Be an extrovert
  • Instill self-awareness, confidence and self-respect